Welcome to Waist’D Magazine. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest waist cinching news, fashion and life style information, in one easily readable quarterly magazine.
Welcome to Waist’D Magazine. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest waist cinching news,fashion and life style information, in one easily readable quarterly magazine.

General submissions details are below. To submit content for the Corset Cutie competition please go to the competition category.


At Waist’D Magazine we are all about showing off  the best of  a variety of different scenes from around the world. We are looking to showcase talented, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, designers, visual artists, small businesses and much  much  more, from the start-up to the established. 


The magazine is not just a collection of images; we aim to provide a fashion and interest publication for a variety of different scenes. This means we are always looking for people to write for us to create articles and  tutorials.


We are looking for high quality, dynamic and creative work with counter culture themes. Our preference is for sets and location work as it tends to stand out more as unique.


The best way to get an  idea of what we publish is to read the magazine and  keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks. We also have a gallery of pages from the magazine on the website. 



Photo submission guidelines:


SUBMISSION SENT WITHOUT A COMPLETED RELEASE, WILL BE DISCARDED. A release form will be emailed to you upon completion of the application form at the bottom of this page.


  • We do not require exclusive photos, but we would prefer that they be unpublished and unseen online (including social media). This is the best way for us to deliver new, exciting content to our readers.
  • Please try and send a minimum of  3 images. We would prefer to see your photos as a set. Sending multiple sets is always a good way to increase your chances of us finding the right fit.
  • Photos must be not be watermarked.
  • You may send low res files for consideration, but you must be able to provide high res images if your work is accepted. This is a minimum of 300dpi at full page size.
  • You must have the copyright owner's permission to make the submission, and the copyright owner will be required to sign our release form  if your work is accepted. The release will be emailed to you if your submission is successful.
  • Full credits must be sent. This may include photographer, model/s, hair stylist, make up artist, wardrobe stylist, designer, location, car owner etc. Please check that all names are spelled correctly.
  • All models must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Please introduce yourself by sending a short written bio about yourself. On occasion we may ask to publish it, but in general we like to find out more about you and where you are from.
  • Please include a dropbox link to your images in your email - this is the preferred method rather than attaching them.


To send us a submission please download the below document for further instructions.


Due to the large volume of submissions we receive we cannot answer every submission or provide detailed feedback for every submission. You will only hear back from our team if your submission is accepted for publication. Please do not make duplicate submissions within a six week period. After that period you are welcome to submit again.


Common reasons why submissions are not successful include :


Not following our guidelines

The submission did not fit in with the style of work we publish or the theme of the issue,

The work was not of a high enough quality or creativity

Submissions sent without a completed release

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