Welcome to Waist’D Magazine. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest waist cinching news, fashion and life style information, in one easily readable quarterly magazine.
Welcome to Waist’D Magazine. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest waist cinching news,fashion and life style information, in one easily readable quarterly magazine.


The concept of burlesque has a varied history, with roots that reach back to the 17th Century, but in more recent times burlesque has been associated with variety shows, including cabarets and comedies, as well as theatre performances and stripteases...


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Combining petticoats, top hats and tailcoats, with militaryware, goggles and futuristic ray guns is one way to create steampunk garb. As is taking elements of current fashion and introducing post-apocalyptic enhancements, Victorian timepieces, waistcoats and gowns...


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For vintage lovers, how to create that perfect look with only contemporary garments to hand.

Pin Up

A collection of pin up images to admire and inspire you.

Waist Training

Read the latest issue for information about set regimes for waist training, as well as some basic tips.


Rockabilly themed corsets you'll love, in the latest issue.

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